Weather & webcam links

Mylor harbour eastern webcam webpage

See what it's like at the club, check out your boat or mooring, or watch racing or training using the Mylor Harbour Eastern Arm webcam. You get two minutes of control at a time, when you can pan and zoom as you please.

 Graph showing wind speed at black rock

Get live wind speed readings at Black Rock using the Falmouth Harbour wind speed webpage. To obtain an approximate knots reading for wind speed, multiply the Metres per second speed value by 1.944.

 Windy weather forecast site showing Mylor Churchtown

Get weather forecasts for Mylor Churchtown with a choice of 5 different forecast models (e.g. ECMWF, ICON,...) using . If you press the 'wind' button (bottom left) you can directly compare wind speeds & directions across the five different models to check if the models are converging to a similar solution (so confidence in the  forecast is higher) or diverging (so confidence is lower). Press the 'Basic' button to return to single model display.

Needless to say, other weather forecast websites are available.