Application Help Guide

RSC's membership system, for both existing and new members, is managed by WebCollect – a cloud-based membership system designed for clubs. It's easy to use and allows members to manage their own data and control their own interactions with the club. WebCollect is, to some extent, integrated within the club website – existing club members can access their accounts on the Members section, and new members can join via the Join menu. If you experience problems please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership FAQs

Question: If I apply now is the membership for this year or next year.
Answer: Membership runs from 1st January to 31st of December. So if you apply in, say, June, are approved, and pay your subscriptions immediately, you only get 6 months membership. However, applying towards the end of the year for membership which will start in the next membership year is acceptable and any subscriptions must only be paid for after December 1st of the year your membership is approved in order to have valid membership for the following year. Please state this on your application and see the 'apply now, pay later' question below.

Question: If I am a honorary or a life member the options do not show on the subscription list.
Answer: you must apply as a normal member and the administrator will upgrade your membership to the correct level.

Question The Mooring (or dinghy park space) number is not editable when I apply , how does this get done?
Answer: When the club authorises your membership you will know that you have a mooring or space, when you have paid the actual space will be allocated by the administrator.

Question: do I keep my existing membership number?
Answer: Membership numbers will be allocated by the administrator and those for existing members will remain the same.

Question: I would like to apply now, but I don't want to pay until late December or even early January.
Answer: Apply now and pay later is acceptable. (see 1st FAQ above). Stating you will use bank transfer, and then doing it when you are ready is completely acceptable.

Question: How do I know the status of my membership ?
Answer: You will see the status against your order on your personal web collect home page.
When you apply the status is 'Application Submitted'
When the club accepts your membership it will change to 'Application Accepted'. You then know that you can pay when you are ready. You will also know that we have a dinghy park space or mooring for you.
When you have paid it will change to 'Payment taken' You are then officially a member for that year.

Question: When will all this be done? 
We would like people to populate the database as soon as possible please. We will start to accept subscription payments from December 1st for the following year, and, we will expect to have most payments made by the end of January and at that time will allocate Dinghy Park spaces and moorings.

Question: Why is the club asking about Insurance.
Answer: This is a requirement of our lease, it changed this year, so we MUST ensure everyone has sufficient third party cover. Fill in your insurance details carefully, we must have these and the box ticked for 3rd party cover. Anything missing in this area will mean your application will be rejected and will have to be resubmitted.

Question: What is payment type and how do I use this?
Answer: Please choose one of the options. If you choose Direct Debit then when your order is authorised the money will be deducted from your account. As with all direct debit systems incorrectly deducted amounts have to be refunded so there is no worry with this method if you or the club makes mistakes. This is clearly the easiest for the club but we accept that it will take time for people to become confident with it. If you choose bank transfer then the system will show a reference code. Please put this as there reference code in your payment and the club will be able to automatically upload form the bank account to the web collect system to details that the payment has been made. If you choose Paypal everything is automatic. If you want to use a credit card then choose Paypal.

Question: what is the family option and how do I use this?
Answer: A) Mum and/or Dad sail. Start with the lead member of the family and then add the other members. If you want them to receive club emails then give them their own email address. Any number of Family Admins are allowed but we insist each one has a valid email address.

Answer B) Junior sails. In this case the family admin should be the parent/ guardian responsible and full details should be available. All Juniors should be part of a family arrangement no matter what membership options are chosen.

Question: Why is the system asking about duties?
Answer: If you have a dinghy in the dinghy park, and/or participate in Club racing, then you (or one member of the family) are required by club rules to support club racing by going on the rota for, and attending, duties. It is not permitted for a dinghy space to be allocated, if nobody from the family is available for duties.

Question: I live outside cornwall and yet I want to be a member of the club. I will clearly be unable to do duties?
Question: I just don’t want to do duties, how do I get around this?
Answer: In this case you should choose the option of parking your dinghy at Windsport. Do not ask to park your dinghy in the club dinghy park. If you do not do duties, you will not be able to join in Club racing, wherever you keep your boat.

Question: I have done lots of work for the club over the last year, how many work vouchers can I claim?
Answer: You can claim up to £50 maximum, whether as an individual or as a family. Volunteering is greatly appreciated and many people do a lot more than two days worth. However the work voucher system is there to encourage everybody to take part, not just the keen few.

Question: I want to know my membership number, where is it?
Answer: All your subscription data is available under the link ‘Manage/Renew Subscriptions’ The system calls your membership number ‘Restronguet Sailing Club Unique ID’.

Question: I need to view my dinghy park space number, mooring number, change my insurance details, etc where do I do this?
Answer: These are all under the ‘Form Details’ with each individual subscription on the Manage/Renew subscriptions page.