The sailing committee puts together a sailing programme for the year and oversees the racing. All members of the club are expected to help at least three times per year with rescue cover.

The dinghy members of the club are divided into teams according to the class of boat they sail. The idea is that each team has a maximum of five duties per year to carry out. If all memebrs of the group participate, it means that each individual to not be required every time ie. each member may only have to attend four out of the five.

Two club members that have race officer experience head the teams (durty group leaders). Each team also has several members who have rescue boat experience.  It is hoped that inexperienced team members will undertake a rescue boat course (run by the club) but this is not necessary to help.  

Duty group teams are listed in your club handbook, and on the Duty Groups page. As a new member you will not have been allocated to a team but why not volunteer for one. See the Rear Commodore of Sailing – it is a great way to meet others in your class and get more experience of club racing.

Some useful information about club racing:

pdfRace areas used by RSC.pdf

pdfRacing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016.pdf