Dinghy Parking

All members must apply for spaces in the boat park and spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Boats are to be parked in accordance with the layout plan (see below, and posted on the Club Notice Board).

pdfDinghy Park layout 2024.pdf

Members should mark their boats and their trollies/trailers clearly with their membership number. The front of the mast above the boat cover is the best place but anywhere is acceptable providing that it can be identified easily. This will be rigidly enforced this year.

Boats must be tied down securely to the lines provided in each row. Racked dinghies must be secured in their allocated space. Members are requested not to obstruct the paths, or beach and to leave launching trolleys close to the wall or in the Dinghy Park during racing.

If a dinghy / tender is sold the Club member selling the dinghy should inform the Secretary, who can authorise that Member to continue to use the allocated space for a replacement boat, subject to confirmation. If the dinghy is sold to another Club member the buyer must apply for a space in the Dinghy Park in the normal manner; until so approved, the boat may not be parked at the Club.

Please keep the area of grass within your dinghy parking space cut during the season. Equipment for the purpose is available from the garden store.

Dinghy parking including Winter arrangements
Standard dinghy parking is from late March to late December. If you wish to keep your dinghy or tender in the dinghy park after 1st January you must pay the winter parking fee by the second week in January and move your boat to the south west corner of the park. Your boat should be clearly labelled with your membership number so that payment of parking fees can be confirmed. It is also a good idea to mark all your equipment with your membership number, especially if it is stored in the sail locker.