Restronguet Sailing Club was founded in 1933. Since it’s foundation the club has aimed to foster sailing in general, but places particular importance on encouraging young talent. The club has a long tradition of developing national and international medal-winners and for organising successful championships for fleets of up to 150 boats.
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In 2022/23 Ian Symonds kindly started researching a first attempt / an assemblage of everything found, of the history of Restronguet SC (from 1933 to 2022) for our 90th Anniversary year in 2023. This is very much a "first go" and we still need your stories and pictures. The first draft is available as a PDF file (its 56 Mb) and can be downloaded by clicking on the image below:
Link to download of RSC history

This builds on the brief history of the club (from 1933 to 1962) written by A. W. R. Adshead (reproduced below). Further contributions and corrections (nicely) / etc. very gratefully received. The plan is to keep reseaching & collecting to create a 100th Anniversary history book.

Brief History


The Club was founded with the object of encouraging sailing and especially helping beginners.

Prominent among the group of friends who founded the Club were Major and Mrs. Dorrien Smith, Miss Nancy Chamberlin (now Mrs. Vessey), Miss H. Parker, Mr. D. Vessey and Mr. Watson. Major Dorrien Smith was elected the first Commodore, and some six boats represented the entire fleet. Racing was organised on Saturdays as often as possible, and took place from Greatwood Quay.


The Club held its first Regatta in this year, when a programme was arranged for seven classes and in the following year the Regatta became part of ‘Falmouth Fortnight.”


On the death of Major Dorrien Smith, Mr. Tilney Barton was elected Commodore, but in the following year the club’s activities ceased on the outbreak of war.


Weir cottages 1024 x 620 around 1954

 Mr. Henry Trefusis was elected as Commodore and it was arranged to start sailing again, this time from Weir Cottage, from which location the Club continued to operate until 1961.


In 1949, Mr. Austin Brown was elected Commodore, and in the same year it was decided to start Wednesday evening racing. About this time tbe Club was growing fast, its activities were increasing, and considerable reorganisation of the working arrangements was necessary, and we have to thank Mr. Brown and Mr. B. S. Harvey, the Hon. Secretary at that time, for producing a basis on which the Club activities were built up and extended. At the same time the Club showed its appreciation of the untiring efforts of Captain Robinson and Comdr. A. G. Clark, as time keeper and starter respectively, by electing them both to Honorary Membership of the Club.


1951 RSC Sailing Instructions 1280 x 1042

The Club organised and held the West of England Conference (W.E.C.) Redwing Championships at Falmouth in conjunction with the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club.


Mr. E. H. Dixon retired from the Treasurer- ship after six years service and Mr. L. B. Cogan was elected to fill the vacancy.


Mrs. Dorrien Smith retired from the post of Rear-Commodore, which she had held from 1946.

1955 - 1957

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This collection of photos, kindly shared by Daphne Boddington (nee Fischer-Webb), were taken between 1955  and 1957 when the club was at Restronguet Weir. We also have memories of the club around this time from Pete Langdon & Dawn Langdon.


In this year Mr. Brown retired as Commodore, and Mr. J. W. H. Adshead was elected in his place. Mr. Brown had worked untiringly for the Club for seven years, with the result that it grew rapidly in stature and in its activities. At this time Mr. Harvey also retired as Secretary, and was succeeded by Mr. H. Dootson. Mr. Harvey then became Race Officer.


Mr. Harvey retired as Race Officer and was succeeded by Mr. S. Paling.


For the first time the Jackett Cup of the R.C.Y.C., awarded for the best performance of a local boat, was awarded to a member of the Club, when it was presented to Mr. Richard Parrott for his success, with Mr. Neville Noye, of Penzance Sailing Club in the Cross-channel Race. Mr. H. Dootson retired as Hon. Secretary and was succeeded by Mr. R. B. Prior.


Mrs. Vessey and her sister, Miss Mary Chamberlin, were made Honorary Members as a small token of appreciation by the Club of their continued generosity in lending Weir Cottage and gardens as our Headquarters.


The Club undertook the organisation and handling of the Flying Fifteen Southern Championship, which was most successful. At the Annual General Meeting we received, with regret, the resignation of Mr. Cogan as Treasurer. He had served us well and left the funds of the Club in good shape. He was succeeded in office by Mr. J. C. B. Daniel.


By the beginning of 1961 it was apparent that the Club had out-grown its premises and that a more commodious site was necessary. We were fortunate in being able to lease an ideal site at Mylor from Mr. Henry Trefusis, on which to establish the new Club.


1962 saw the new Club in full operation, and it is hoped the premises will prove adequate for many years to come. Mr. S. Paling retired as Race Officer, a job which he had carried out extremely well and to the great benefit of the Club and was succeeded by Mrs. M. De Lattre.

The foundation on which the Club has been built is fourfold, namely, friendliness, encouragement of the young, co-operation and good sportsmanship, and this has been responsible for its steady progress and success. If it continues on the same foundation, its future is ensured.

(Editors note: This history of the club from 1933 to 1962 was written by A. W. R. Adshead, and appeared in the 1963 Restronguet SC Yearbook.)


A survey of the Clubhouse was carried out and identified some serious issues, some of which were addressed over the next few years


A Clubhouse refurbishment programme was begun, the wooden studded walls of the club house were replaced with concrete blocks after some galvanised steel supports were supplied for the roof. The works were carried out in two stages, the first year the changing room end of the club house was done, and the year after the bar end of the club house . This left the club house safe from collapse and preserved the existing roof. This left the structure in a state that the interior could be decorated expecting this to last.


Since it’s foundation the club has aimed to foster sailing in general, but places particular importance on encouraging young talent. The club has a long tradition of developing national and international medal-winners and for organising successful championships for fleets of up to 150 boats.


The committee would like to extend to you a warm welcome. We hope that you will find us a friendly club and that RSC will become like a second home for all those who delight in sailing on our wonderful waters. Our intention is to make sailing fun for all – young or old; competitive or non-competitive. 

We are a relaxed club and although modest, our clubhouse has good facilities – including a warm and friendly bar.

The committee organise regular racing for all, sailing introduction days, and plenty of social events.

Regular junior training (currently in Mirrors), and youth training (currently in RS 200s & Lasers) is provided with support from parents.