Mylor Yacht Harbour and Windsport can both offer car parking. On-street parking is very limited, especially during the summer period. No parking on the beach.

Mylor Car Parking and Water Taxi

Mylor Yacht Harbour is pleased to offer reduced rates for water taxi passes, car parking and tender storage. 
The combinations of offers are listed below:

2019 Prices   Special members price
A. Car parking above sheds   £122
B. Car parking Admiralty Quay   £122
C. Car parking anywhere   £174
D. Water taxi   £98

All the above prices include VAT at 20% and are based on an annual car park pass for above the workshops or on Admiralty Quay. 

If you wish to take advantage of this offer add the amount due to your Restronguet SC subscription, and write on the invoice the option code you have chosen (A, B, C, or D), so we know what to tell MYH! 


Windsport Car Parking and Trailor Parking 

Situated adjacent to the Restronguet Sailing Club boat park, the Windsport car parking, trailer and boat storage is convenient for any RSC visitor. 

Various parking packages are available from annual, seasonal, monthly, week and day.

Please Note:-  Windsport  car parking can become very limited on busy  weekends, holiday periods, regattas and events.

Day parking is subject to availability at time of arrival, all other valid Windsport car parking passes are guaranteed a car park place.

Windsport also offer a RSC  early bird parking permit at the start of each year, providing a considerable saving to club members. The number of passes is limited so apply early to avoid disappointment! 

To apply for a Windsport car parking permit please contact  or visit the Windsport reception situated right behind RSC boat park. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 01326 3761091,

Access restrictions.

RSC members and visitors who require access to RSC but do not wish to use the services Windsport offer are requested not to enter private road, please use access along the beach front.