The Club operates a Work Support Levy scheme to encourage the more active participation of members in the running and maintenance of the Club and its activities. If Club members don’t do the jobs, they have to be done by outside contractors. The levy helps to reduce those costs.

The work support levy is payable in arrears by all members unless:you are below 18 or over 65 after the 1st of January of the subscription year; you have Honorary Life, Life, Shore or Junior Membership or you are in your first year of membership. If you have done eligible work during the year you should have been credited with 1 or 2 vouchers. 2 vouchers represents one or more days’ work and means that no work levy will have been added to your bill.

Examples of work which qualify for vouchers are maintenance jobs, help with Open and Championship sailing events at the Club, Falmouth Week, rescue boat duties for Village Regattas, and membership of one of the various Committees which help run the Club. Details of available work can be obtained from the Rear Commodore House for maintenance jobs, the Rear Commodore Sailing for those associated with waterside activities.