The Club generally uses channel M2 for communication during club racing & training. Other channels may be used during larger open meetings and championships.

Towards the end of 2016 the club started using ICOM M35 radios.  There are (or should be) 4 of these in the cupboard. Please note the following important points: 

  • The M2 channel is designated P4.
  • Otherwise all other functions are via the push button controls with standard icons.
  • It is important that the radios are rinsed under the tap with cold water & then dried off before placing into the charger.

The Club also has some older Standard Horizon HX280 radios for use as spares or at bigger events or championships.

The radio chargers are on a timer, so the radios only get changed for 3-4  hours on a couple of nights per week (otherwise the batteries get overcharged and keep failing). There is a small red button on the charger timing unit which you can use to override the timer and switch the system on to check radios are in their cradles correctly. I always toggle it back off afterwards. Details of what lights are visible on the ICOM M35 chargers is to follow.